Foreign Policy for America

Who We Are

Our Story

How We Got Here

Foreign Policy for America was founded in 2017 as a home for Americans who support principled American engagement in the world. We recognized the stakes, and we knew that Americans across the country were ready to take action together to defend our values.

America’s tradition of internationalism – openness to the world, investment in international institutions and cooperation, support for democracy and human rights, and our commitment to work through alliances – has made us stronger as a country. It’s made us a global leader, respected around the world. It has also contributed to an increasingly prosperous and secure planet: the last three decades have seen the greatest improvements in welfare in human history, with hundreds of millions lifted out of poverty around the world.

Today we need to revitalize that internationalist tradition to grapple with the world’s greatest challenges. From combating climate change and preventing the next pandemic, to deterring cyber-attacks and supporting women and girls around the world, the United States must be a leader in setting the global agenda. We need to work with countries around the world to meet global challenges while protecting our interests here at home. And we need to restore America’s commitment to democracy and human rights at home and abroad.

But to do all that, we need to be active in our own democracy. We need to call our members of Congress, support candidates who represent our values, and run for office ourselves.

Foreign Policy for America is building a national network of members committed to doing that work.

Our Values

What We Believe

We believe American foreign policy should be rooted in our highest values as a country: that all people are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights – rights that successive generations of Americans have championed, step by hard fought step, at home
and abroad.

We are inspired by the conviction, articulated by successive generations of American leaders, that in an increasingly interconnected world, the security and well-being of Americans depend on the security and well-being of those outside our borders.

We are realistic about the dangers facing the United States, including from great powers seeking to undermine international norms and institutions, terrorist networks threatening civilized society, transnational threats such as pandemic disease, and the menace of climate change. 

We are resolved to pursue diplomatic means with partners around the world as the overriding priority to resolve international disputes, but also prepared to deploy military means when required to protect and defend the vital national security interests of America and its allies.

We are committed to ensuring the American Dream remains alive for all Americans, not just the few, and are convinced that the surest path to shared prosperity for Americans lies in openness to the world. 

We are guided by humility – cognizant of the tragic costs of war, the limits of American power, and our own long and incomplete pursuit of a more perfect union. 

We are deeply grateful to those serving in our armed forces, diplomatic corps, development organizations, and intelligence agencies, and determined to provide them the resources they need.

And we are optimistic about America’s future, confident in the resilience and capacity of the American people to overcome any challenge, steadfast in belief in the importance of American global leadership, and resolved to preserve America’s historic role as a beacon to the world.

Our Work

What We do

Foreign Policy for America is a nonpartisan advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. We are mobilizing a diverse national network of Americans who are committed to defending diplomacy and standing up for principled American engagement in the world.


Through events across the country, we’re launching a new conversation about the ways foreign policy connects with Americans’ lives. Foreign Policy for America works with local organizations to hold discussion events featuring local leaders and foreign policy specialists.


For those who join our efforts, we’re building a community of action to champion strong, principled American foreign policy. We partner with our supporters to make their voices heard on critical issues. Our Legislative Scorecard highlights the legislative records of members of Congress.

Political Action

Through the Foreign Policy for America Action Network, we support our members to lead election-related activities: phone banks, canvassing, and fundraising. By standing together, we can play a powerful role in helping elect champions for our issues and values.