Trade and Supply Chains

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Trade and Supply Chains

Fair, open, international trade is central to the health and strength of the U.S. and global economy.

It has helped expand opportunities for over a billion people across the country and around the world, while promoting shared peace, stability, and security. Tens of millions of jobs in every state are supported by international trade, and American consumers benefit in the form of expanded access to goods and services at lower prices. However, the economic disruptions and shocks that the U.S. and countries around the world have experienced since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic lay bare the ways in which international trade and supply chain resilience have become core national and global security concerns.  

By taking an integrated approach to trade and economic policy, rooted in both building the domestic foundation of our economic strength and actively engaging with partners to promote international trade that is open, inclusive, and fair, we can protect American interests and expand opportunity at home and aboard. This will entail striking a careful balance between two distinct but equally important priorities: actively pursuing new, more nimble, and functional international frameworks for economic cooperation, while making bold investments – at home and abroad – to strengthen American competitiveness and establish more resilient, secure, and transparent supply chains.   

In today’s world, trade policy needs to be about more than tariff reduction, and trade policy needs to be fully integrated into our economic strategy, at home and abroad.

— National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Hear this quote in context

What You Can Do

To deliver on these goals and continue to harness trade as a positive force for American families and global public goods, you can urge the Biden Administration and your elected representatives in Congress to support industrial policy measures that advance U.S. leadership in strategic sectors, work pro-actively with allies and partners to de-risk critical supply chains, and incorporate core labor, safety, and climate standards into all aspects of our economic engagement with international partners.

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