Foreign Policy for America Calls for Congressional Action following Helsinki Summit

President Trump’s meeting and press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin generated outcry from Americans across the political spectrum. Trump’s willingness to endorse Putin on Russian election interference over the consensus opinion of the U.S. intelligence committee is shocking, and his conciliatory approach undermined American positions on nuclear nonproliferation, election security and the security of our European allies. Congress must act now to safeguard these critical interests.

Foreign Policy for America Executive Director Andrew Albertson said, “We should all be outraged by President Trump’s irresponsible behavior, but that’s not all. Members of Congress have the constitutional authority – and duty – to serve as a check on the executive branch and exercise oversight at moments like this. Instead of issuing empty statements, we need Congress to investigate what took place behind the scenes at the Helsinki Summit and advance substantive legislation to defend our country from Russian interference in 2018 and beyond.”

Albertson is available for interview on what steps Congress should take and how Foreign Policy for America is turning outrage into action.