Thanks to supporters like you, we’re building a community of action that stands up for strong, principled American engagement in the world.

Engagement – We’re organizing events in target states including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey, to talk about issues thatmatter for our future and mobilize new support.  

Advocacy – We’re working with our partners to call on Congress to stand up to President Trump on issues ranging from the Iran Deal to Russianattacks on our democracy, and to strengthen our diplomatic tools instead of weakening them.  

Political Action – And through our connected political action committee, we’re helping interested members to rally support behind champions for our values. For more information on that effort, visit  

As one benefit of membership, you will have the opportunity to attend periodic members-only events. You will also receive our Weekly Forecast e-mail that previews the week ahead in U.S.foreign policy. And we are working on a couple more benefits too – stay tuned! 

We sincerely appreciate your support, and we look forward topartnering with you to strengthen American foreign policy in the years ahead. If you have questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you.