Cathy Feingold

Cathy Feingold

Cathy Feingold brings more than 20 years of experience as a leading advocate on global workers’ rights issues. She currently serves as director of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) International Department. In 2018, Ms. Feingold was elected Deputy President of the International Trade Union Confederation, the organization representing 200 million unionized workers worldwide.

Ms. Feingold serves on Secretary Blinken’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board where she provides input on a worker centered foreign policy agenda. In 2020, Speaker Pelosi appointed Ms. Feingold to the Independent Mexico Labor Expert Board, the body created under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to monitor and evaluate labor reforms and worker rights compliance in Mexico.

Ms. Feingold previously directed the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center’s work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where she worked with local trade union partners to develop innovative campaigns to improve the working conditions of domestic, migrant, and informal economy workers.

Ms. Feingold leads efforts to shape global labor standards, including the recently ratified International Labor Organization Convention 190 to eliminate violence and harassment at work. She has written about the impact of economic policies on market women in Nigeria and, as a Fulbright scholar in Nicaragua, she researched the impact of structural adjustment policies on women workers.

Ms. Feingold holds a bachelor’s degree from Pitzer College and an M.P.A. from Columbia University.