FP4A Welcomes the 10-Year U.S.-Ukraine Security Agreement

June 13, 2024

FP4A Welcomes the 10-Year U.S.-Ukraine Security Agreement

Foreign Policy for America (FP4A) welcomes today’s signing of a 10-year bilateral security agreement between the United States and Ukraine. This arrangement will enable the United States to provide Ukraine with the long-term support it needs to defend itself against Russia’s aggression and establish a framework for continued American support.   

 “Today, the Biden administration has reaffirmed America’s commitment to its democratic partner and sent a strong signal to Vladimir Putin by outlining a sustainable U.S. strategy of support for Ukraine,” said Rose Gottemoeller, FP4A Advisory Board Member and former Deputy Secretary General of NATO. “By bolstering Kyiv’s defense and deterrence capabilities over the next 10 years, this crucial agreement will advance lasting peace and stability in the region. It will also pave the way for Ukraine’s further integration with NATO and the West’s overall security framework.” 

“This is yet another example of the Biden administration’s demonstrated commitment to provide Ukraine with critical capabilities and support it needs to defend itself and uphold the rules-based international order,” said Bill Monahan, Senior Advisor for Policy at FP4A. “The agreement is an important step to fortify the bilateral security relationship. It also demonstrates to Russia and other potential aggressors that the United States stands firmly by its allies and partners for the long term and will not waver in its support for the principles of freedom and democracy.” 

The deal, signed between President Biden and President Zelenskyy at the 50th Group of Seven Summit in Italy, will allow the United States to build Ukraine’s defense capabilities with the military, industrial, and training assistance it needs for the next 10 years. The agreement does not commit any U.S. troops to defend Ukraine if attacked.  

With the signing of this agreement, the United States now joins 15 other nations that have signed bilateral agreements with Ukraine, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy.