FP4A Statement on Iran’s Attack on Israel

April 15, 2024

FP4A Statement on Iran’s Attack on Israel

Washington, D.C. – Foreign Policy for America expresses our gratitude to President Biden for his vital leadership in rallying U.S. allies to defend Israel against Iran’s dangerous retaliatory attack on April 13th. At a moment when the fighting easily could have escalated into full-scale regional war, the U.S.-led coordinated response – in partnership with the United Kingdom, France, and Jordan – worked in lockstep with Israel to shoot down nearly all 300 drones and long-range missiles launched from Iran. This decisive action saved countless innocent lives.

The U.S.-led response was a powerful display of our country’s historic and ironclad commitment to Israel’s security. It showed the strength of Israel’s defensive capabilities against conventional attacks, the product of decades of U.S. investments. It also was an important reminder of the power of U.S. diplomacy.

Beyond the immediate defensive response, we are also grateful for President Biden’s actions to end this cycle of tit-for-tat retaliation between Israel and Iran. No one would benefit from a broader regional war – not Israelis or Iranians, and certainly not Americans.

It is now time to refocus on ending the Israel-Hamas war and surging aid to feed starving Palestinians. Secretary Blinken said on April 4th, “Right now, there is no higher priority in Gaza than protecting civilians, surging humanitarian assistance, and ensuring the security of those who provide it. Israel must meet this moment.” We agree.