FP4A Calls on Congress to Pass Ukraine Aid on the Second Anniversary of Russia’s Illegal Invasion

February 24, 2024

FP4A Calls on Congress to Pass Ukraine Aid on the Second Anniversary of Russia’s Illegal Invasion

Washington, D.C. –  Today, Foreign Policy for America (FP4A) marks the second anniversary of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine by reiterating its call on Congress to immediately pass the president’s supplemental aid for the country’s fight against Vladimir Putin’s aggression. FP4A underscores the pressing need to deliver assistance to Ukraine, especially as its armed forces confront severe shortages of munitions on the battlefield.

FP4A commends the Ukrainian people and military for their resiliency and strength in withstanding unimaginable suffering over the past two years of sustained intense combat and Russian brutality. Against all predictions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reclaimed nearly half of the territory seized by Russia at the start of the war. Outnumbered and outgunned, brave Ukrainian soldiers have significantly degraded Russia’s war machine while preserving Ukraine’s national identity and democracy.

Each day, Russia continues its attempts to erase the Ukrainian identity from the territories it occupies, violating international law and destroying families in the process. Russia has systematically kidnapped Ukrainian children and transferred them to Russia without their families’ knowledge or consent. Not only has an entire generation of Ukrainian children been traumatized by Russia’s brutal attacks on daily life, but thousands more will now grow up not knowing of their culture, country, or families.

Four months ago, FP4A organized a letter signed by more than 300 nonpartisan national security professionals to congressional leaders urging them to act swiftly to approve vital aid to Ukraine. Since then, the issue has been politicized, and House leadership has failed to bring to a vote a bill providing the assistance Kyiv so desperately needs. With each passing day, Ukraine’s military is bearing the consequences of this inaction on the battlefield, and just last week, Russian forces seized the city of Avdiivka, partly due to munitions shortages. American political deadlock only serves to embolden Putin to further his ruthless assault not only on Ukraine but on the foundations of democracy and the rules-based international order.

Today, FP4A once again calls on Congress to immediately pass supplemental legislation to provide the military and other assistance Ukraine needs to defend itself and reclaim its sovereignty and independence from Putin’s aggression.

Our support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia also sends a signal to authoritarian regimes around the globe and is central to U.S. national security interests. This war is bigger than Russia; it’s about the world we want to live in. Supporting Ukraine is an investment in a more stable and peaceful world for future generations.

Over the past two years, Ukrainians have proven they have the will and determination to stand up against Russia – but they cannot do it alone. The United States cannot stand by and allow Putin to achieve his authoritarian vision of territorial domination. Putin should not be allowed to exploit congressional inaction to impose his will over the Ukrainian people and eradicate their freedom. The United States must once again lead our allies and partners and continue our support for a free, sovereign, and democratic Ukraine.