FP4A Statement on the Senate Passage of the National Security Supplemental

February 13, 2024

FP4A Statement on Senate Passage of the National Security Supplemental

Washington, DC – Foreign Policy for America (FP4A) welcomes the Senate passage of the National Security Supplemental, which addresses critical U.S. national security priorities relating to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific and provides over $10 billion in humanitarian assistance.  

This legislation is crucial to Ukraine’s survival and maintaining U.S. commitment to the alliances and partnerships that are the backbone of our own security. It includes over $60 billion to help the Ukrainian people fight back against Vladimir Putin’s brutal aggression and to prevent a wider war in Europe. Aiding Ukraine in its fight against Russia is central to U.S. national security interests. As over 300 nonpartisan national security and foreign policy professionals explained in urging Congress to provide this funding back in October, “If Putin prevails, it would dramatically increase the likelihood of a Russian conflict directly with our closest treaty allies, putting American lives at risk, and escalate the potential threat of nuclear conflict.”  

We have been alarmed by the high numbers of civilian casualties in Gaza caused by the Netanyahu government’s military operations and strategy in Gaza. We join with the Biden Administration in rejecting all actions that impede the delivery of humanitarian aid to innocent Palestinians suffering from this war. We also acknowledge the recently issued presidential memorandum that requires all countries receiving U.S. defense articles and services to provide credible and reliable written assurances that they are upholding international laws and humanitarian protections in the conduct of all military operations. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration and Congress to ensure the full implementation of this policy.  

“Recent statements from President Putin only underscore the extent to which Putin’s ambitions in Ukraine are tied to a broader and calculated campaign to undermine Transatlantic security arrangements and dismantle the rules-based international order,” said Bill Monahan, FP4A’s Senior Policy Director. “Enacting this level of funding for Ukraine will send an important signal that we are resolved not to let that happen.”  

FP4A urges the House of Representatives to act swiftly to enable Ukraine to continue to defend itself at this pivotal juncture.