FP4A Statement on Attack that Killed U.S. Service Members in Jordan

January 29, 2024

FP4A Statement on Attack that Killed U.S. Service Members in Jordan

Washington, D.C.We are heartbroken over the news of the three U.S. servicemembers who were killed this weekend in Jordan and the dozens of others who were wounded in the aerial drone attack by Iran-backed militia groups. Foreign Policy for America strongly condemns this attack and the escalation it risks to the volatile situation in the region. These constant attacks by militia groups on our servicemembers must end. 

Iran claims that it does not want this war to spread, but for this to have any meaning it must use its influence to prevent its proxies from pushing our two countries to the brink of war. 

We are concerned by the upsurge of leaders and groups in the United States who are quick to call for direct military action against Iran without a sense of responsibility for the day after or how such action could spiral into a broader war between the United States and Iran. Those who are calling for bombing Iran are repeating the mistake of thinking that there is a quick military solution to the Iranian challenge.  

An effective resolution can only be found through diplomacy. As the United States prepares a response to this attack, we urge President Biden and Congressional leaders to pursue a responsible and deliberate path to secure a future that is more stable and prosperous for the region and the world.