FP4A Welcomes the Biden Administration’s Temporary Pause on Pending Approvals of Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

January 26, 2024

FP4A Welcomes the Biden Administration’s Temporary Pause on Pending Approvals of Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

Washington, D.C. – Today, Foreign Policy for America (FP4A), a nonpartisan organization advocating for strong, principled U.S. foreign policy, commends the Biden administration for temporarily pausing pending decisions on exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to non-FTA countries until the Department of Energy can update the underlying analyses for authorizations. This decision is in the best interest of America’s economy, security, and allies.

“Overbuild of LNG export capacity threatens not just our own economic and energy security, but that of our allies and partners,” said Bill Monahan, Senior Director for Policy at FP4A. “Extending our dependence on fossil energy and sending more of our resources overseas leaves us more, not less, exposed, to the weaponization of energy in global markets, destabilizing climate impacts, and price spikes that will harm American consumers.”

National security experts warn that the expansion of LNG exports beyond excess capacity already approved and in development will undercut America’s energy security and resilience. Locking in long-term structural dependence on gas and increasing exposure to global markets  will leave American consumers at risk of price hikes and increases the risk of being left with stranded assets as the energy transition accelerates.

What’s more, the global energy transition and the impacts of climate change are crucial considerations for U.S. national security. Perpetuating an overbuild of fossil fuel infrastructure around the world leaves the country more exposed to the devastating impacts of climate change.

The accelerated delivery of U.S. LNG has helped our allies respond to Russia’s unprovoked acts of aggression. The Administration’s decision will not impact our ability to support our partners in the EU and beyond. The U.S. is already the largest LNG exporter in the world and IEA projections show the U.S. continuing to lead the addition of new LNG export capacity globally with projects already in development, even as European natural gas demand is entering a period of structural decline. The U.S. can and should remain committed to ensuring our own and our allies’ energy security while also making smart investments that position us to lead – not be left behind – in the accelerating transition to a global clean energy economy.