FP4A Foundation Hosts Fourth Intermestic Policy Initiative Event In Atlanta, Georgia

December 7, 2023

FP4A Foundation Hosts Fourth Intermestic Policy Initiative Event In Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, GA – Foreign Policy for America Foundation (FPAF) is pleased to announce the latest Intermestic Policy Initiative event will take place at The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA on Thursday, December 7th (12:00pm ET). FPAF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, affiliated with Foreign Policy for America (FP4A), working to increase the understanding and encourage the adoption of foreign policies that keep Americans safe and out of conflicts, promote shared prosperity, and are true to our country’s highest values.

Panelists include Executive Director of Georgia Equality, Jeff Graham, Executive Director at Feminist Women’s Health Center, Kwajelyn Jackson, and Public Policy Director at the Southern Center for Human Rights, Tiffany Roberts.

Thursday’s event follows earlier public discussion events held in Miami, Detroit, and Chicago to roll out FPAF’s report Intermestic Policy Initiative: Local Perspectives on U.S. Foreign Policy. The report is the product of FPAF’s Intermestic Policy Initiative, a project that worked with local stakeholders across the country, including small business owners, faith leaders, diaspora representatives, and more, to explore issues that crosscut the traditional boundaries of foreign and domestic policy with the goal of more genuinely and effectively engaging local leaders in U.S. foreign policy discussions.

Thursday’s panel conversation will explore the report in greater detail, with a focus on the local impacts of U.S. foreign policy decisions on the City of Atlanta and how U.S. foreign policy can be more representative of the perspectives of local leaders from across Atlanta.

“The foreign policy establishment must stop viewing local communities as passive spectators and instead engage them as active contributors to U.S. foreign policy, especially on locally relevant issues like democracy, human rights, and global health,” said FPAF’s Kristina Biyad, the report’s primary author. “Engaging these leaders in the policymaking process is an essential step towards crafting well-informed and community-driven approaches to global challenges.”

“There’s long been a disconnect between those making foreign policy and the local business and community leaders who have to live with its ramifications,” said Dr. Stephen Grand, co-chair of FP4A’s Atlanta Leadership Circle. “What excites me about this initiative is it seeks to engage local communities in foreign policy conversations and thereby bridge that divide.”

Foreign Policy for America Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization promoting US foreign policy that keeps Americans safe and out of conflict. For more information, please contact Kristina Biyad, Outreach Director at Foreign Policy for America Foundation, at [email protected].