FP4A Statement on the Passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein

September 29, 2023

FP4A Statement on the Passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein

Washington, DC – Today, Foreign Policy for America mourns the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Senator Feinstein, the first woman to represent California in the Senate; the first woman to Chair the Senate’s Judiciary, Rules, and Intelligence Committees; and the longest-serving woman Senator in U.S. history, was a trailblazer for women in politics and public service.

From her time serving as Mayor of San Francisco, to her ascension to Senate leadership, Senator Feinstein demonstrated a career-long commitment to American values, and to always doing what was right for the people of California and the nation. When many leaders shied away from confronting the AIDS epidemic that hit San Francisco, Senator Feinstein guided her city through it. When the United States successfully negotiated the Iran Nuclear Deal, Senator Feinstein was – and continued to be – a critical voice of support in the Senate advocating for American diplomacy. In the wake of 9/11, she exercised her oversight power as Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee to shine a light on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, singlehandedly holding one of America’s most powerful agencies accountable to human rights, justice, and democracy.

Foreign policy for America thanks Senator Feinstein for her decades of service to America. We send our condolences to the people of California, and to the Senator’s loved ones. May she rest in peace.