FPAF Intermestic Policy Initiative Launch in Miami

August 31, 2023

FPAF Intermestic Policy Initiative Launch in Miami

Miami, FL – Foreign Policy for America Foundation (FPAF), We Are Más, and Florida International University (FIU) are pleased to announce the first public event for the Intermestic Policy Initiative in Miami, Florida. The discussion is scheduled for Thursday, August 31st, at 7:30 pm ET at Florida International University’s campus. WLRN Americas Editor Tim Padgett will moderate the panel. Speakers include Dr. Jorge Duany, Director of the Cuban Research Institute at FIU; Samantha Barrios, Gun Safety and Florida Activist; Dr. Josh Scacco, Associate Professor of Communications at USF; and Ana Valladares, CEO of Mujeres Latinas Impulsando Mujeres Latinas.

FPAF launched the Intermestic Policy Initiative to explore issues that crosscut the traditional boundaries of foreign and domestic policy, better understand how these issues impact Americans’ lives, and engage local stakeholders across the country in meaningful conversation about U.S. foreign policy. FPAF worked with local stakeholders in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, and Miami to gather local perspectives on intermestic issues, such as immigration, democracy and human rights, climate change, economic policy, and public health.

As a part of this initiative, FPAF and We Are Más partnered with FIU in September 2022 to host a listening session with Miami-based leaders to explore intermestic issues impacting local communities across Miami and South Florida. Thursday’s panel will serve as a follow-up to this community conversation and as the first event in the rollout of FPAF’s Intermestic Policy Initiative Report, which summarizes the lessons learned from similar community conversations hosted by FPAF across the country.

“This project underscores the importance of engaging local communities and perspectives to inform U.S. foreign policy decision-making,” said FPAF’s Kristina Biyad, the report’s primary author. “Miami offers an especially vivid example of the linkage between foreign and domestic policy. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting place to kick off the rollout of our Intermestic Policy Report.”

“We are very proud to collaborate with Foreign Policy for America Foundation on these much-needed conversations focused on different communities in the United States, including diaspora communities who tend to see policies in the U.S. through the prism of policies made in their countries of origin.,” said Evelyn Pérez-Verdía, Chief of Strategy at We Are Más. “At We Are Más, we love collaborating with those who understand that we cannot wait for our communities to find us. We must go to them, and I could not be prouder to see FPAF do precisely that.”

We Are Más is a multilingual and intercultural strategic communications and advertising firm that translates culture and is an ally to governmental organizations, nonprofits, for-profit, and institutions who wish to micro-engage with our communities and leaders. Foreign Policy for America Foundation is a 501c3 organization promoting US foreign policy that keeps Americans safe and out of conflict.

Watch the full event online here.