FP4A on the Release of Unjustly Detained Americans in Iran

August 10, 2023

FP4A on the Release of Unjustly Detained Americans in Iran

Washington, DC – Today, Foreign Policy for America welcomes news of progress in securing the release of five unjustly detained Americans in Iran, and we look forward to seeing them return home to the United States soon.

We commend the Biden Administration for its efforts to secure the release of these American citizens, demonstrating that diplomacy can deliver for the American people and our partners. We further commend the Administration for skillfully negotiating critical humanitarian relief to the Iranian people, who have long suffered under this regime.

“This was a very smart approach by the Biden Administration,” said FP4A Executive Director Andrew Albertson. “They didn’t just get what they wanted — the freedom of these five Americans — they did it while still restricting Iran from using its unfrozen resources for anything other than humanitarian purchases like food and medicine.”

As the United States works to halt the Iranian regime’s dangerous nuclear ambitions, it’s cruel oppression of Iranian women, and it’s destabilizing military support for other authoritarian regimes like Russia, today’s announcement that five Americans will be freed is a powerful reminder of the importance of ongoing diplomatic efforts.