FP4A Releases Legislative Scorecard for the 117th Congress

March 29, 2023

FP4A Releases Legislative Scorecard for the 117th Congress

Washington, DC – Today, Foreign Policy for America is proud to release its Legislative Scorecard for the 117th Congress. FP4A’s Scorecard is a one-of-a-kind resource developed to assess members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on their support for principled American leadership in the world.  FP4A’s Scorecard equips citizens with information to understand how their representatives in Congress are voting on key national security issues, and serves as a tool so they might join us in ensuring Congress works to uphold a values-based foreign policy. Developed with input from a broad coalition of partner organizations, thought leaders, and issue experts, the FP4A Scorecard also serves as a tool for building consensus and strengthening collective advocacy on the important national security challenges of our time.

The 117th Congress confronted some of the most profound and difficult foreign policy developments in recent memory. From the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, to the public health crisis and economic fallout of COVID-19 and the ongoing challenges posed by climate change and a revisionist China, American leadership has in the last couple years been tested—but also reaffirmed.

Through the timely passage of multiple security and humanitarian aid packages, Congress made clear that the U.S. is unwavering in its support for Ukraine, our NATO allies, and our shared values. The 117th Congress also ushered through renewed investments in America’s diplomatic and development tools, passing into law major reauthorizations of U.S. food and global health security programs. Historic legislation like the CHIPS & Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act—the most impactful action Congress has ever taken to tackle climate change and expand clean energy opportunity for all Americans —will help position the U.S. to innovate, compete, and lead in the years ahead.

“In many ways, the 117th Congress oversaw a revival of American global leadership after years of costly retreat and isolation,” said Andrew Albertson, executive director at Foreign Policy for America. “Much more is needed. We will continue to urge lawmakers to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act, to renew U.S. leadership on global health, and to ramp up our investments in diplomacy and development. But this Congress took important steps to strengthen the foundations of American global leadership and that should give us hope for the future.”

“Against the backdrop of deeply complex global challenges, FP4A’s Scorecard highlights that there is an interest and need within Congress for bold and bipartisan solutions,” said former Ambassador Brooke Anderson, co-chair of FP4A’s Policy Committee.  “The Scorecard is a resource to celebrate successes and provide transparency and accountability in our national security decision-making.”

“FP4A encourages all Members of Congress to remain engaged on critical national security issues amid unprecedented global challenges and to support principled American leadership in the world.” said John B. Bellinger III, co-chair of FP4A’s Policy Committee and partner at Arnold & Porter.

At Foreign Policy for America, we believe strongly that foreign policy starts at home. This Scorecard represents our commitment to equipping citizens to play an active role in foreign policy decision-making. 17 Senators and 46 Members of the House received perfect scores in the 117th Congress. A full list can be found here.