FP4A Commends New Biden-Harris Administration Refugee Resettlement Program

January 19, 2023

FP4A Statement on New Biden-Harris Administration Refugee Resettlement Program

Washington, DC – Foreign Policy for America commends the Biden-Harris Administration for establishing the Welcome Corps. Amid mounting global instability and displacement, this bold revitalization of our refugee resettlement program is an important step toward ensuring the United States lives up to its commitment to those fleeing violence and persecution.

While the Biden-Harris Administration works to rebuild a durable and sustainable resettlement program that meets the displacement needs of our time, American communities have demonstrated their unique ability to help. By expanding the U.S. resettlement program to include private sponsorship of refugees from around the world, the Welcome Corps leverages the American people—our best ambassadors for our values and generosity—to expand resettlement and integration of refugees into American communities beyond the current capacity of our government. Foreign Policy for America remains committed to working in conjunction with our partners to expand opportunities for those seeking refuge to find safety in the U.S.

“The United States, our foreign policy, and our communities are made stronger by the contributions of refugees and immigrants,” said Andrew Albertson, Foreign Policy for America’s Executive Director. “Whether it’s ensuring the safe relocation of Afghan SIV holders, Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s illegal war, or those seeking refuge from violence and persecution in Latin America and beyond, the United States has a moral obligation to provide safe haven for those who need it most. The Welcome Corps program is a promising step toward building a stronger and more inclusive U.S. resettlement program.”