FP4A Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

February 22, 2022

FP4A Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Washington, DC – Foreign Policy for America condemns in the strongest terms Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine on Monday. Vladimir Putin’s violation of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Ukraine is illegal and unacceptable. It shakes the very foundations of international security.

Russia’s actions must be met with immediate economic and diplomatic consequences, and FP4A supports the Biden administration’s sanctions announced today targeting the Russian state and governing elites. We applaud the administration’s sustained commitment to diplomacy as well as the lockstep actions of our European allies and the broader international community in confronting this unprovoked aggression. We support the Biden administration’s decision to deploy U.S. military service members to Poland and Romania as a defensive measure to reinforce America’s commitment to our NATO allies.

As this crisis continues, we are deeply concerned about the potential for humanitarian crisis if Russian troops are ordered to advance further into Ukraine. FP4A joins a growing chorus of civil society organizations, human rights activists, and world leaders in calling for an immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory and a return to diplomatic efforts.

This is also a tragedy for the Russian people, who do not bear responsibility for the actions of Vladimir Putin and his corrupt regime, but will now suffer additional economic consequences of his misrule.

“Putin’s actions violate the most basic principle of the post-war international order: that sovereign nations have the right to live in peace, and that no country can seize and hold territory by force. This is an attack on the whole world as we know it,” said Foreign Policy for America’s Executive Director Andrew Albertson. “Putin must be held accountable. And the United States must continue to lead the international community to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians and impose costs on the Russian state.”