Foreign Policy for America Foundation Receives Carnegie Corporation Grant for Intermestic Project

September 9, 2021

Foreign Policy for America Foundation Receives Carnegie Corporation Grant for Intermestic Project

Washington, DC – Foreign Policy for America is pleased to share that our 501(c)(3) arm, Foreign Policy for America Foundation (FPAF), has been awarded a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York to explore a set of “intermestic” issues – policy issues that crosscut the traditional boundaries of international and domestic policy and are at the forefront of our national debate.

With CCNY’s support, FPAF will convene a series of events, and produce a report, on five intermestic issues: climate, democracy and human rights, public health, economic policy, and immigration. To do that, FPAF will host events with local stakeholders in key cities across the country. By addressing issues as they present themselves locally, rather than as they are addressed by federal institutions, our goal is to make these issues concrete and accessible, to engage local stakeholders as expert voices, and to remove barriers to entry that weaken racial and ethnic diversity in foreign policy debates.

Through this project, FPAF will also work with the leadership of our NextGen Initiative, an extraordinary network of young professionals. By engaging our NextGen members across the project, our goal is not only to support and cultivate a new cohort of leaders who approach issues differently, but also to equip them to “mentor up” and drive change across the foreign policy community.

“We’re thrilled to partner with CCNY on this project,” said Executive Director Andrew Albertson. “The challenges we face today – from climate change to COVID to threats to our democracy – don’t fit easily into one bucket of policymaking or another. And frankly, they’re not experienced by Americans that way either. The goal of our Intermestic project is to get out of DC, to lift up diverse local voices, and to listen to how they experience and think about these critical issues today.”

Foreign Policy for America Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, affiliated with Foreign Policy for America. FPAF improves the lives of Americans by working to increase understanding and encourage the adoption of foreign policies that keep Americans safe and out of conflicts, promote shared prosperity, and are true to our country’s highest values.