Foreign Policy for America Announces Debut of Next in Foreign Policy Podcast

August 10, 2021

Foreign Policy for America Announces Debut of Next in Foreign Policy Podcast

Washington, DC – Today, Foreign Policy for America’s NextGen Initiative members Grant Haver and Zoe Weinberg launched a new podcast, Next in Foreign Policy, to bring young, diverse voices to the forefront of policy discussions and offer fresh perspectives from emerging foreign policy experts.

Every other week Haver and Weinberg will sit down with rising foreign policy experts to discuss new and bold ideas that will shape Washington and the world in the years to come. Too often, young, diverse voices are marginalized in policy discussions. The conversations fail to advance, echoing the same talking points and perspectives reiterated for decades. Next in Foreign Policy seeks to break this cycle. The podcast will tackle the most pressing foreign policy issues facing the country such as the U.S.-China relationship, ransomware, and climate change, while also exploring topics that are sometimes overlooked, such as human rights in the supply chain, conflict in outer space, and crypto trade wars. Designed to be a starting point, these exchanges will advance novel thinking in the foreign policy and national security arena while inspiring the next generation of leaders to join the dialogue.

The first episode of Next in Foreign Policy features an interview with Ali Wyne, Senior Analyst with Eurasia Group’s Global Macro Team and Foreign Policy for America Board member. The hosts discuss with Ali why China’s rise should not dictate America’s foreign policy, the use of analogy in foreign policy, and what a competitive coexistence could look like.

“It is incredibly difficult as a young foreign policy thinker to get your ideas into the conversation in Washington,” said Grant Haver, co-host of Next in Foreign Policy. “The result is a stagnant policymaking process where the same old ideas are retried hoping for different results. I am excited to build a platform where new ideas and new leaders will flourish and be judged on their ideas rather than the length of their resume.”

Next in Foreign Policy brings fresh thinking and new ideas into a domain where unorthodox, contrarian approaches to our nation’s challenges are needed now more than ever,” said Zoe Weinberg, co-host of Next in Foreign Policy. “We have seen young people leading the way on issues like climate change, immigration, and innovation. Next in Foreign Policy seeks to systematically raise up diverse voices in foreign policy and hear directly from those working on the bleeding edge of security challenges and policy reform.”