Foreign Policy for America Releases its Scorecard for the 116th Congress

April 14, 2021

Foreign Policy for America Releases its Scorecard for the 116th Congress

Washington, DC – Today Foreign Policy for America is proud to unveil its Congressional Scorecard for the 116th Congress, a one-of-a-kind tool grading members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on their commitment to principled American engagement in the world. By equipping everyday citizens with information and tools to understand how their representatives in Congress are voting on key foreign policy issues, FP4A’s scorecard empowers anyone to join us in ensuring Congress works to uphold values-driven U.S. leadership.

The last two years will be remembered as a challenging time in U.S. history — defined by political polarization, the dangerous rhetoric of Donald Trump, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. While all of this contributed somewhat to paralysis in Congress, including on issues of U.S. foreign policy, it has also laid bare the need for the U.S. to reimagine how it defines national security and delivers security for Americans. President Biden has taken up that challenge and is already working with Congress to revitalize American diplomacy and our global partnerships.

“Despite all the difficulties of the last two years, we also saw very active efforts to check President Trump and sustain strong, principled U.S. foreign policy,” said Foreign Policy for America Executive Director Andrew Albertson. “This scorecard serves as a tool for Americans to hold their elected representatives accountable, but more than anything it spotlights the extraordinary leaders in Congress who are already doing their part to defend our security, our prosperity, and our values.”

“The FP4A Scorecard provides a compelling picture of House and Senate Members’ support for an effective, diplomacy-first U.S. foreign policy,” said Foreign Policy for America Chairman Lionel Johnson. “It is an invaluable tool not only for highlighting key votes. The scorecard also helps to ensure transparency and accountability as we confront a myriad of complex global challenges.”

Six Senators and 123 Members of the House received perfect scores, including Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ).

“The global threats facing the United States have transformed, but our foreign policy toolkit has not kept up,” said Senator Murphy. “We have to get smarter and more efficient about how we respond to challenges that require non-military solutions—like climate change, pandemic disease, and the erosion of democracy and human rights at home and abroad. That’s why I’ve proposed a $12 billion increase to the international affairs budget while also acknowledging the importance of maintaining our military strength. I’m proud to receive Foreign Policy for America’s 100% rating, and I will keep pushing Congress and the Biden administration to fund tools that address today’s challenges and restore America’s leadership on the world stage.”

“The international challenges facing our country are rapidly changing, and engagement with our allies continues to be the linchpin in our ability to protect our shared values,” said Representative Sherrill. “As a veteran, I know our foreign policy is critical to bolstering these alliances and protecting our national security. The United States has long played a critical leadership role in supporting and promoting stable democracies around the world. As we reestablish our standing on the world stage, I’m fighting to ensure we’re working to address the challenges ahead in a way that honors our values. The team at Foreign Policy for America understands that effort, which is why I’m so proud to have earned a 100% rating from them and look forward to continuing to engage on these issues together.”

The scorecard for the 116th Congress is our second scorecard – we issued our first scorecard for the 115th Congress in 2019. As the only comprehensive foreign policy scorecard, we look forward to continuing to record the lifetime scores of Members of Congress who serve multiple terms.

Our mantra at Foreign Policy for America is that American foreign policy starts at home, and this scorecard helps to equip citizens to play an active role in our democracy.