Foreign Policy for America Statement on President Biden’s Immigration Executive Orders

February 2, 2021

Foreign Policy for America Statement on President Biden’s Immigration Executive Orders

Washington, DC – We applaud President Biden for taking strong first steps today towards broader immigration reform. As a nation of immigrants and refugees, today’s orders rightly reflect American values.

Trump’s immigration policies ripped families apart and left thousands of asylum seekers living in inhumane conditions. President Biden took action today to reverse some of the pain and suffering caused by Trump’s policies. Today’s orders created a task force to reunite children separated from their parents. They also ordered the review of programs like “Remain in Mexico” and perhaps most importantly, pledged to address the root causes of migration from Central America by increasing aid and supporting anti-corruption efforts in the region.

These are the right first steps. We look forward to seeing the Biden administration continue to make progress on comprehensive immigration reform. We hope to soon see the total dismantlement of the “Remain in Mexico” program, which would allow thousands of asylum seekers waiting on the border in deplorable conditions to await their immigration hearings in safe and humane conditions, as had been the norm before Trump.

“Today’s actions represent an important first step toward humane, necessary immigration reform in keeping with our tradition as a welcoming country,” said Foreign Policy for America Executive Director Andrew Albertson. “Trump’s decision to tear apart families, separating mothers from their children, was an attack on our soul as a country. These executive orders, together with the Day One order to stop construction on the border wall,  begin the hard work necessary to restore the United States a safe haven for those who need it.”