Foreign Policy for America Launches NextGen Initiative

November 17, 2020

Foreign Policy for America Launches NextGen Initiative

Washington, DC – Foreign Policy for America is proud to announce the launch of its NextGen Foreign Policy Initiative – an effort to build a cohort of young experts and policymakers committed to advancing principled American engagement in the world.

FP4A is launching the NextGen Initiative out of recognition that young voices are often excluded or marginalized in debates on American foreign policy. Moreover, professional growth in this area is often informal, resulting in haphazard talent development and a lack of attention paid to diversity. NextGen will work to bridge this gap and champion young professionals by advancing their ideas, engaging in work at the nexus of foreign policy and political organizing, and arranging for mentorship and skill building opportunities. The initiative will be co-chaired by Itai Barsade and Alia Awadallah in a volunteer capacity.

“This initiative represents an important investment in the future of American foreign policy,” said NextGen Co-Chair Itai Barsade. “Our goal is to both grow the bench of future decisionmakers and ensure young voices are heard in the policy process.”

“Across the country, we’re seeing the power of young leaders engaging in the political process. We also recognize that when their voices are included, we all benefit from an enriched policy debate – whether on climate change, the changing economy, or questions of peace and security,” said Andrew Albertson, Executive Director of Foreign Policy for America. “We’re excited to work with our NextGen membership, and to support their leadership at this pivotal time for our country.”

“The foreign policy challenges faced by the Biden administration are immense: climate change, mastering this global pandemic, rebuilding an economy that works for all, and nuclear and other mass destruction challenges are but a few of them. Speaking as a veteran of decades in the field, I see the need for the engagement, talent, and commitment of the rising generation with all of its diversity and fresh thinking to tackle these challenges,” said Ambassador Laura Kennedy, a member of Foreign Policy for America’s Board of Directors. “Foreign policy begins at home — and who has more of a stake in the future than the next generation?”

Applications to join this exciting initiative are now open to young professionals across the country who share our values and seek careers in foreign policy.

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