Foreign Policy for America Statement on House Impeachment Vote

December 18, 2019

Foreign Policy for America Statement on House Impeachment Vote

Washington, DC – In response to the House of Representatives vote to impeach President Donald Trump, Foreign Policy for America’s Executive Director Andrew Albertson released the following statement:

“Today Members of the House of Representatives fulfilled their Constitutional duty and voted to impeach President Donald Trump. Over the last few weeks, we have seen mounting evidence that the President abused the powers of his office to benefit himself personally and politically. He committed bribery and wire fraud by conditioning aid and a White House meeting on an investigation into the son of his political opponent. The House had the somber, yet necessary duty to prove no one is above the law, not even the President.

“The impeachment process has revealed a stark difference between the nonpartisan professionalism of career diplomats and the corruption of the Trump political operation. As the administration continues to attempt to normalize the president’s erratic behavior, the courageous men and women of the State Department painstakingly testified for hours on end, laying out the evidence.

“For many Members, this was not an easy decision. It’s not something they sought out. But they were compelled by a sense of duty and patriotism. Today’s vote was necessary to uphold the rule of law in this country and to safeguard our democracy for future generations. Every Member of the House who voted yes today deserves the thanks of the American people.”