Foreign Policy for America Statement on IRGC Designation as FTO

April 8, 2019

Foreign Policy for America Statement on IRGC Designation as FTO

Washington, DC – Earlier today, the Trump administration announced the designation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. This designation will do little to pressure the IRGC to change its behavior — as the Trump administration claims is their motive — but instead continue a pattern of policies that directly hurt the Iranian people. But what is clear is that the Trump administration is using another tactic to try and provoke Iran to violate the JCPOA that will take America down a path to war instead of trying to peacefully calm tensions through diplomatic channels.

“The IRGC is already one of the most heavily sanctioned entities in the world, and this designation will impose no practical new limitations on them. At best, it absurdly dares Tehran to be the more temperate party and avoid escalation. At worst, it is a reckless attempt to provoke a crisis that the Trump Administration is woefully unprepared to handle. All risk an no reward is no way to manage our national security,” says Jarrett Blanc, former deputy lead coordinator and State Department coordinator for Iran nuclear implementation.

Andrew Albertson, executive director for FP4A notes, “today’s designation seems designed to further provoke Iran into violating the Iran nuclear deal and, potentially, to pave the path toward another costly war in the Middle East. This White House’s reckless impulse toward conflict – over diplomacy, over our allies, and at great risk to American service members – is both shocking and baffling.”