What we do

Foreign Policy for America is a grassroots non-partisan 501c4 organization, launched in the wake of the 2016 elections to promote strong, principled American foreign policy. We engage, connect, and support citizens to champion our values.

Engage: Through events across the country, we’re launching a new conversation about the ways foreign policy affects people’s lives. Foreign Policy for America works with local organizations to hold discussion events featuring leading foreign policy specialists and local leaders. Our events take place at town halls, Rotary clubs, union halls, universities, religious establishments, and private homes, and promote learning and understanding on both sides.  

Connect: For those who want to join our efforts, we’re building a community of members who share a common commitment to strong, principled American foreign policy. We partner with local leaders to sustain and expand local conversations, and offer regular opportunities for members to take part in community-wide actions. Through training, toolkits, and national calls to action, we equip Foreign Policy for America members to make their voices heard on critical issues.

Support: Finally, through the Foreign Policy for America Action Network, we support our members to lead election-related activities: phone banks, canvassing, and fundraising. By standing together, we can play a powerful role in helping elect champions for our issues and values.