Foreign Policy for America Statement on john bolton

Washington, DC – Today’s news that President Trump has fired National Security Adviser John Bolton is an unequivocal victory for the American people. 

A notorious war monger, Bolton has consistently advocated throughout his career for military-first approaches to America’s foreign policy challenges, with disastrous results. During his short time in the White House, his reckless policy views and appalling mismanagement of the inter-agency process needlessly jeopardized Americans’ security and interests around the world. 

Trump’s appointment of John Bolton in spring 2018 was immediately alarming because of his consistent advocacy for war, and his opposition to good faith diplomacy. In just the past 18 months, Bolton has advocated for reckless military actions in Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. He was a fierce opponent of the JCPOA and in 2015 published an op-ed calling for the U.S. to bomb Iran. Bolton has also been an extreme opponent of arms control agreements, opposing negotiations by both Republican and Democratic presidents aimed at reducing the risk of nuclear war. With Bolton gone, Trump is more likely to extend the New Start Treaty by five years and negotiate with Russia to further reduce their nuclear stockpile. 

Foreign Policy for America is proud to have pushed for Bolton’s dismissal since he was appointed. And we’ve been in good company – foreign policy experts, advocacy groups, members of Congress, and citizens across the country have been speaking out against Bolton and his reckless foreign policy since the early days of his tenure. Today’s news can only be defined as a win for all those who stand for diplomacy-first foreign policy. We urge President Trump to appoint a national security adviser with strong national security experience who will consider all diplomatic options and responsibly advise the President. 

“You have to think this is at least in part a political decision – the American people are clearly weary of war and polls show voters reject Bolton’s views on Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Afghanistan,” said Foreign Policy for America Executive Director Andrew Albertson. “It’s absolutely the right decision for the president to make. John Bolton never saw a war he didn’t like – and that’s incredibly dangerous in a national security adviser. We can only hope that the next national security adviser will be a stabilizing force that helps President Trump’s fulfill his goal of ending wars, rather than advocating for new ones.”