how we got here

Foreign Policy for America was founded in the weeks after the 2016 election as a home for Americans who opposed xenophobia and military-first foreign policy. We recognized the stakes, and we knew that Americans across the country were ready to take action together to defend our values.

President Trump is wrong: America’s tradition of internationalism – openness to the world, investment in international institutions and strong alliances, support for democracy and human rights, and restraint in the use of unilateral military force – has made us stronger as a country. It’s made us a global leader, respected around the world. It has also contributed to an increasingly prosperous and secure planet: the last three decades have seen the greatest improvements in welfare in human history, with hundreds of millions lifted out of poverty around the world.

Today we need to revitalize that internationalist tradition to grapple with the world’s greatest challenges. From combating climate change and reducing inequality, to deterring cyber-attacks and supporting women and girls around the world, the United States must be a leader in setting the global agenda. We need to work with strategic competitors, such as China, to meet global challenges while defending our interests and strengthening our economy here at home. And we need to restore America’s commitment to human rights at home and abroad.  

But to do that, we need to refocus on and reinvest in our own democracy. We need to call our members of Congress, support candidates who represent our values, and run for office ourselves.  

Foreign Policy for America is building a national network of members committed to doing that work. We invite you to join us!