Leopoldo Martinez

Leopoldo Martinez is a lawyer who completed graduate studies at Harvard, Princeton and the University of Miami. He is Board Chairman at Latino Victory Project and Director at IQ AMERICAS Political Consultants. He has worked with large international law and accounting firms and possesses extensive experience advising Fortune 500 companies, international businesses, and governments. He is also an author and was Professor of Tax and Public Finance Law, which led to his election as an independent Congressmen in Venezuela. He produced, directed and hosted the popular Venezuelan talk show Constructores de un Pais. Committed to sustainable democratic change in the Americas, Mr. Martinez is also the Chairman & CEO of the Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas (www.cddamericas.org), Publisher of IQLatino (www.IQLatino.org), and an advisor to the Group of Fifty Foundation (www.g-50.org). Follow Mr. Martinez on Twitter @lecumberry