Statement on Iran’s decision to suspend jcpoa commitments

WASHINGTON - A year after President Trump announced the United States would no longer honor its commitments under the JCPOA, Iran has announced that it is no longer bound by some of the JCPOA’s restrictions on its nuclear program. Iran’s announcement is a predictable response to the Trump Administration’s dangerous decision to attempt to force Iran to destroy the deal.  

The United States has failed to honor its commitments under the JCPOA, denying Iran the trade benefits ensured under the deal despite their continued compliance. So far, the actions of the other countries of the P5+1 have been able to convince Tehran to stay in compliance with the deal. Our allies may be able to convince Tehran to continue to abide by all of the restrictions set forth but the JCPOA, but it is a stain on America’s leadership record that our allies are being forced to continually answer for the United States’ rash behavior. 

Thomas Countryman, former acting undersecretary of state for arms control and international security and FP4A advisor asks, “One year after the President’s withdrawal, we are closer to military conflict with Iran, closer to Iran resuming nuclear activities, no closer to negotiations with Iran over its other dangerous activities, and further from our Allies. This is winning?”

Foreign Policy for America is committed to advancing diplomatic solutions to the United States’ most pressing problems. On the anniversary of President Trump’s announcement, faced with this new threat from Iran, it is clear that diplomacy is the only way forward. The United States’ maximum pressure campaign has only escalated tensions between the United States, Iran, and our allies. We must return to the JCPOA and resume our role as a champion of diplomacy.