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Our planet is under attack. Resource competition driven by worsening droughts, severe floods and storms, and climate-induced displacement will soon become the largest and most profound threat to global security. Foreign Policy for America knows that the climate crisis is an international crisis, and must be addressed as part of our foriegn policy agenda. Only concerted and cooperative international action can adequately respond to this global challenge. It is critical for the United States to step up and be a leader in addressing this global threat. 

During the youth-led Climate Strike, Foreign Policy for America joined millions of Americans walking out of their homes and workplaces in demanding that leaders respond to the climate emergency. We know that there is no Planet B. This is the only one we’ve got, and it is under attack. Thank you to everyone who stood up to fight for our planet and urge leaders around the world to take action on this crisis. 

But the fight is not over. We must urge Members of Congress to publicly support the Paris Agreement and demonstrate bold global leadership on climate change through support for a robust national climate policy, federal scientific research, and foreign assistance.

Join us in this fight by signing on to our Climate Policy is Foreign Policy petition, demanding that the U.S. lead the world in confronting climate change.

Remember: We don’t get a second chance, we have to save the planet while we still can. Spread the word by sharing our message.

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