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Foreign Policy for America is a grassroots non-partisan 501c4 organization, launched in the wake of the 2016 elections. We engage, connect, and support citizens to champion strong, principled American foreign policy.

Members of Foreign Policy for America can contribute to the FP4America Action Network, our political action committee dedicated to electing champions for principled American engagement in the world. Our members play a central role by nominating candidates to receive support. 

You've probably heard about political actions committees (or PACs) in the news, and you might be unsure about how they work. PACs help elect champions for particular public policies by facilitating and pooling campaign contributions to candidates. In addition to fundraising, PACs can also support engagement in other kinds of election-related activities like canvassing and phone banking. FP4America Action Network is a particularly kind of PAC — a separate segregated fund (SSF) — set up to support the activism of Foreign Policy for America's members. 

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Thank you for your support. With your help, this community can have an incredible impact by supporting champions for our values in Washington.